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Look at this awesome shot Nicole Harrig Photography got of Surry from MARC! Thanks, Nicole!

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Name: Jonathan DeFreeuw

Nicknames: #DreamTeam, Piranha

Age: 18 

Height: 5’ 6”

Hometown: Suffolk, Virginia

Year: Freshman

Major: General Engineering, but looking to study Computer Engineering


(Photo credit to Nicole Harrig Photography)

Jersey Name/Number/Significance of the name/number: Piranha, 42. The name ‘Piranha’ was given to me during a Quidditch practice, after annoying another Beater enough that I ended up with the bludger. And 42 is the meaning to the life, universe, and everything.

Position(s): Beater

House: Ravenclaw

Patronus: Wolf

Favorite Non-Quidditch Hobbies: Playing Xbox, Camping, Playing Tenor Sax

Top 3 Fandoms: The Walking Dead, Elder Scrolls, Doctor Who


Why did you join Virginia Tech Quidditch? I saw someone wearing a Virginia Tech Quidditch t-shirt on one of my first visits to Virginia Tech. I figured that the sport would accept those who don’t play actual sports, so I joined.

Favorite Quidditch Game: The confetti match at RVA in November 2013. People were playing Quidditch to simply have fun, and I made friends with people from many different teams.

Worst Quinjury: I get beat in the face. A lot.

Fun Fact: I am an Eagle Scout.

Favorite Qudditch Moment: Before my very first match, when Jack quoted Lord of the Rings as a battle cry. It told me what sort of semester it was about to be.

What are you most excited for in Quidditch? Getting more of those beats that just make you stop and go… “Did I just…do that…?”


(Thank you to wizengamotofvcu for the interview questions!)


Happy 20th birthday to one of our lovely beaters, Laurel Minnick! Right photo credit to Dani Palmer.



Name: Patrick Malander

Nicknames: patyoyo, Shirk, Malander

Age: 20 Height: 5’10”

Hometown: Chantilly, VA

Year: Junior Major: Computer Engineering


Jersey Name/Number/Significance of the name/number: patyoyo 64. The first time I played an online game in like 1st grade required me to make a username so I just called myself “patyoyo” and it has stuck ever since. I wear number 64 because Nintendo 64 is the best.

Position(s): Chaser, have been known to dabble in other positions.

House: Slytherin Patronus: Troll Favorite

Non-Quidditch Hobbies: Playing/watching hockey, Super Smash Bros, critic

Top 3 Fandoms: Washington Capitals, Seinfeld, One Piece


Why did you join Virginia Tech Quidditch? In August 2011, the JVizzle called me and told me there were people on the drillfield playing quidditch. He told me to join him and I’ve been playing ever since.

Favorite Quidditch Game: Any game against UVA

Worst Quinjury: Straining my lumbar while warming up…

Fun Fact: I often quote TV shows without using proper citations

Favorite Qudditch Moment: Beating Minnesota at the 2011 World Cup

What are you most excited for in Quidditch? Playing Quidditch




Name: Andrew Koh

Nicknames: Koh, Speed Limit, Kohbear

Age: 19 

Height: Asian (5’7” ish)

Hometown: Richmond

Year: Sophomore

Major: Computer Science


Jersey Name/Number/Significance of the name/number: KOH 56, which is the atomic weight of Potassium Hydroxide

Position(s): Beater

House: Ravenclaw

Patronus: Panda

Favorite Non-Quidditch Hobbies: Programming, American Dad, Shenanigans, Looking at houses I can never afford

Top 3 Fandoms: Community, American Dad, DP


Why did you join Virginia Tech Quidditch?: I was coming back from class and saw Patrick Malander playing. I ended up joining and never left the team.

Worst Quinjury: In a practice Fall 2012, someone hit my mouth and ended up busting my lip.

Fun Fact: There’s nothing fun about me.

Favorite Qudditch Moment: After playing against App State, someone came up to me and called me a gentleman and a scholar. Made my day.

What are you most excited for in Quidditch?: Excited is my default expression.





The Phoenixes will be traveling to Richmond this weekend to battle UVA and the RVA Community Team!

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Happy birthday to our snitch, Spencer!

Photo Set

Some pictures from our Spring Scrimmage this past Sunday! 



Now a much more current of me fighting Harry at regionals.

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Come play with the Virginia Tech Quidditch Club in our last event of the year! We love having new people join us!